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California Mixed Media Canvas

California Mixed Media Canvas

I have been in love with southern California as long as I can remember. I've visited the Los Angeles area more times than I can even count anymore, and I feel it is where my heart lives. My soul craves those golden sunbeams on my skin, the glittering sand beneath my toes, and the ability […]

Harry Potter Inspired Mixed Media Canvas

Harry Potter Mixed Media Canvas

I am a freak for Harry Potter. I am in love with the branding of the whole series, as well as the inspiration it brings to create mixed media art. I decided to try my hand at a series of canvases, and this is the smaller of the two I'm currently working on. I have […]

It’s So Scary…

Harry Potter Mixed Media Canvas Supplies

I've had this grand idea in my head for a couple of weeks now: I am going to do a Harry Potter themed mixed media piece. It came to me out of the blue one night, and I quickly grabbed a notebook and started jotting down all the supplies I'd want to use. Almost none […]

How to Make a Starry Universe Background

Mixed Media Starry Universe

I am fascinated with the universe. I have always wanted to make a really big mixed media canvas that looks just like the milky way. I feel it's going to take a lot of practice, so I decided to start small and see how it goes. I think it went well, and I'd like to […]

10 Mixed Media Postcard Designs

10 Mixed Media Postcard Designs

I love this idea! This year, I've decided to participate in the iHanna DIY Postcard Swap. Ten postcards, each one unique, will be mailed somewhere in the world (unknown just yet!) I love this, because I believe our digital world has ironically hindered our ability to connect. A handmade postcard from a stranger--a fellow creative--is […]