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How to Make a Starry Universe Background

Mixed Media Starry Universe

I am fascinated with the universe. I have always wanted to make a really big mixed media canvas that looks just like the milky way. I feel it's going to take a lot of practice, so I decided to start small and see how it goes. I think it went well, and I'd like to […]

How to Make a Mixed Media Owl Canvas

Mixed Media Owl Canvas - Finished

I had so much fun doing this owl canvas that I just had to share it with you. Here is a step-by-step guide to how I created it. PLEASE NOTE: I used a heat gun between each step.


12" x 12" canvas
black marker
round objects to trace for circles of several sizes (ie. […]

7 Unique Rainbow Loom Patterns

Carnation Rainbow Loom Pattern

I remember when I was a kid in the '80s, we had this craft where we created bracelets and keychains out of intricately woven plastic neon string. It was so much fun, so I can completely understand why today's kids are totally bonkers over this Rainbow Loom thing.

In the spirit of crafting, I've dug […]

Valentine’s Heart Cutout Pattern

Valentine Heart Cutouts

Are you getting ready for Valentine's yet? I know I am! How about some paper heart cutouts to get started? I made a few of these old-school style by simply fussy cutting a heart out of a folded piece of 6" x 6" patterned paper, and then fussy cutting shapes out of the still-folded heart. […]

Photoshop Tutorial: How Smart Objects Save Your Sanity


As seen on page 92 of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine’s Winter 2013/14 issue, available December 1st, 2013!

Welcome to digital bits! Here I will outline some simple ways to add digital elements to your projects using Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy!

HOW SMART OBJECTS SAVE YOUR SANITY: Edit Your Images in Photoshop Without Wrecking Them

In the midst of digital layout […]