Harry Potter Inspired Mixed Media Canvas

Harry Potter Mixed Media Canvas

I am a freak for Harry Potter. I am in love with the branding of the whole series, as well as the inspiration it brings to create mixed media art. […]

It’s So Scary…

Harry Potter Mixed Media Canvas Supplies

I've had this grand idea in my head for a couple of weeks now: I am going to do a Harry Potter themed mixed media piece. It came to me […]

How to Make a Starry Universe Background

Mixed Media Starry Universe

I am fascinated with the universe. I have always wanted to make a really big mixed media canvas that looks just like the milky way. I feel it's going to […]

New Upcoming Workshops!

Beginner Guide to Hand Lettering

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! I miss you guys! Life has really gotten in the way of my art time, and I promised myself I wouldn't let […]

We Made a Mess (and Some Art)

Mixed Media Canvas Workshop - Linda and Melsha

Linda and Melsha with their mixed media masterpieces. LOVE their work (and their gorgeous smiles!)

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a private mixed media canvas workshop yesterday, and […]