Mixed Media Art Journal: Remember

Mixed Media Art Journal - Can You Remember

I haven't done any artwork in what feels like eons, although it's only been a week. I let loose tonight using some brand new supplies I received from some wonderful […]

My First “Real” Painting: Mixed Media 16×20 Canvas

Mixed Media Canvas - Polluting Our Oceans

I call this "Polluting Our Oceans".

I decided to be brave, buy some larger canvases this weekend, and try my hand at a mixed media painting. I screwed up a […]

Mixed Media Art Journal Time Capsule: Dear Future Me

Mixed Media Art Journal Time Capsule: Dear Future Me

I hope you don't mind; I'm going to be just a bit personal in today's post. The past year has been incredibly challenging, and I have achieved some things that […]

7 Unique Rainbow Loom Patterns

Carnation Rainbow Loom Pattern

I remember when I was a kid in the '80s, we had this craft where we created bracelets and keychains out of intricately woven plastic neon string. It was so […]

Mixed Media Art Journal: Calm After Chaos

Mixed Media Art Journal - Calm After Chaos

I wanted to create an art journal entry that used minimal supplies but still left a strong impression. I'd love to hear your feedback, so please comment at the bottom […]