Mad Hatter Themed Art Journal Painting


Several years ago I used to art journal a lot, and I also taught art journalling classes. I created a fun layout that was Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter themed and turned it into a workshop.

I love Alice in Wonderland. I love everything that’s quirky and abnormal, and Alice’s imagination is so inspiring. But the Mad Hatter has my heart. In the Tim Burton version of the movies, the Mad Hatter is estranged from his family because he wanted so badly to follow in his father’s footsteps, who was also a hatter. But his father treated him like he wasn’t good enough to be a hatter. So he surrounded himself instead with likeminded people who liked him for who he was and expecting nothing else from him.

I adapted this art journal design as a painting on canvas, each painting containing a uniquely designed Mad Hatter hat. I may offer the journalling class again someday, but for now check out my Mad Hatter “We’re All Mad Here” painting in the shop.