Nancy Drew Mini-book Ornament – Set of 8


Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Mini-book Ornaments – Set of 8

Includes the following mini-books:

  • #1 The Secret of the Old Clock
  • #4 The Mystery at Lilac Inn
  • #9 The Sign of the Twisted Candles
  • #15 The Haunted Bridge
  • #16 The Clue of the Tapping Heels
  • #19 The Quest of the Missing Map
  • #23 Mystery of the Tolling Bell
  • #24 The Clue in the Old Album

These Nancy Drew mini-books make the most adorable ornament for your holiday tree, or hanging from a shelf or pin on the wall throughout the year.

These books are delicately handmade using the front and back cover design. The inside pages contain excerpts from throughout the story.

These books are approximately 1.5″W x 2.5″H in size and come with a hanger.

Make a great stocking stuffer!